• DSIL Virtual Classrooms

    A globally accessible and interactive online learning experience.


    The DSIL Virtual Classroom is composed of 10-15 live, interactive, one-hour online sessions with thought leaders, practitioners and innovative problem solvers from every hemisphere. The speakers have been carefully selected to expedite high-level understanding by exploring critical issues, case-studies and emerging learnings that highlight DSIL curriculum.

  • About the 2018 Virtual Classroom

    All sessions are moderated by the DSIL team and each speaker engages with participants during their presentation or interactive workshops. On the Zoom platform, you will also have time to exchange ideas with the other participants in break-out sessions. Bring your curiosity and questions! The more the better. Finally, speakers make their slides decks and emails available to continue to the dialogue.


    Watch one of our open classrooms with Sasha Dichter from Acumen here.


    Once a part of DSIL always a part of DSIL. Join us for years to come on future classrooms for free.

    SESSION 1 | Designing For Social Innovation and Leadership

    August 15, 8 am Pacific Time (Seattle)

    Featured Speakers: 

    Katy Grennier (Bangkok) and Art Sherwood (Seattle)

    DSIL Global




    In this Workshop: This is the day the community meets! Join the DSIL Leads Katy and Art for the kickoff of the 2018 Virtual Classroom. We intro one another and connect with the cohort for this year. Art will lead a workshop called "Head, Heart and Happenings" where we will begin consciously exploring you as a leader and engaging with fellow learners. It is a workshop aimed to help uncover developmental questions you might explore on your DSIL journey. Let's begin.

    SESSION 2 | Modern day wellness: Emotional Intelligence, Meditation + role vs soul conflict

    September 25 8 am Pacific Time (Seattle)

    Watch the recording here (Password Required)


    Featured Speaker: Erin Doppelt, Chicago, USA


    Erin Rachel Doppelt is an international wellness consultant, spiritual teacher and retreat leader. She facilitates innovative mindfulness workshops in the areas of meditation, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, conflict competency, nutrition, yoga, and spiritual, personal and professional development. The workshops help foster individual and corporate wellness, advancing team collaboration and decreasing illness, stress and anxiety.


    In this workshop: Learn about Emotional Intelligence (EI), a growing field and vitally important school of psychology through movement, science, and meditation. This workshop will help you understand how to measure EQ, and speak to self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. You will leave the workshop in a relaxed state and up-to-date on personal and professional growth literature on Emotional Intelligence.

    @ErinRDoppelt and her website http://www.erinracheldoppelt.com.

      SESSION 3 | The Power of Us​

      October 2, 8 pm Pacific Time (Seattle)

      Watch the recording here (Password Required)

      Featured Speakers: Brian Rielly, Indonesia


      Brian is the CEO of revolv and is passionate about waste prevention with a particular focus on plastics. He has also served in the renewable energy sector as President of Evolution Grid and the director of business development for NRG Renew.


      In this Workshop: Explore many questions with Brian after he offers an examination of renewable energy development from 1998-2018 offers an inspiring example of collective action towards critical behavior change, with enough perspective. What if the human species were inherently good, and more of a collective than a group of individuals? What if it was not one person or one leader, but rather so many individuals with different approaches, different voices, different actions that encouraged this change. What does this mean for other critical movements in the world, and what does this mean for me, the individual?


      SESSION 4 | Voices Revealed

      October 9, 8 am Pacific Time (Seattle)

      Watch the recording here (Password Required)

      Featured Speakers: Siobhán McCann and Ivan Midderigh of MidderighVox

      Canada and France



      Siobhan is an internationally traveled and experienced executive coach and leadership development consultant, Siobhán believes in the power of one voice to change the world. Ivan is a founding member of the Roy Hart Theatre, an internationally renowned artistic center in Malérargues, France. Ivan has dedicated his life to vocal coaching and research, and its application in life and the performing arts. These two make up one dynamic team and offer their coaching and training through MidderighVox.


      In this workshop:

      Siobhan and Ivan will work with participants to explore the following questions--

      1. What does it mean to lead with your voice?

      2. What would it feel like to embody your full performance potential?

      3, An introduction to the MidderighVox leadership development model using the vehicle of the human voice through the medium of storytelling.


      SESSION 5 | Beyond Stickies and Sharpies: Authentic Organizational Transformation

      October 16, 8 am Pacific Time (Seattle)

      Watch the Recording Here (Password Required)

      Featured Speakers: Karel Vredenburg, Canada


      Karel has led design worldwide at IBM for most of his three decades with the company. He is currently responsible for IBM Design worldwide client programs, serves as the head of IBM Studios Canada, is the IBM Millennial Corp executive for Canada, and is Industry Professor at McMaster University. He created his own transform within his company by mentoring many with a popular podcast "Life Habits Mentoring" - available on iTunes.


      In this workshop: Virtually all organizations have now adopted design thinking. And, many are finding that simply getting up to a white board and using stickies and sharpies isn't enough. Many organizations are simply performing what Karel calls innovation theatre. This talk will review some of the anti-patterns to avoid and common myths that need to be debunked. It will then outline some of the key ingredients to achieving authentic organizational design transformation.


      Find out more at http://www.karelvredenburg.com/


      DSIL Virtual Classroom Dialogue, Session A

      (Session B, TBA)

      October 22, 7 am Pacific Time (Seattle)

      Katy Grennier, DSIL CEO (Bangkok, Thailand)


      This session brings together all the participants in an interactive classroom that we will design together based on our needs and what we want to talk about. In break-out rooms, participants will have a chance to talk about what they are practicing from the immersion, what's failing, what's going great and crowd-sourced other support they may need to keep moving strongly in their path of growth!



      SESSION 6 | Leadership Reflections-Years of Undocumented Advocacy and Changemaking

      October 23, 8 am Pacific Time (Seattle)

      Watch the Recording Here (Password Required)

      Featured Speaker: Victoria Matey Mendoza, USA


      Victoria is currently a Dream Lead Institute Fellow at Trinity University and a leader with the Ethnic Student Center at Western Washington University. A longtime advocate, fighter and voice for the undocumented, she served as an IDEA Institute Changemaker fellow and was a founder of the Blue Group who support undocumented university students and their allies.


      In this workshop: Building on her own story, Victoria will share her current thinking and actions related to the addressing the intractable challenges of undocumented people and reflections on effective changemaking.


      SESSION 7 | Flourish as a Changemaker

      November 1, 8 am Pacific (Seattle)

      Watch the recording here (Password Required)


      Featured Speakers:


      Mohit Mukherjee lives and works in Costa Rica/USA and is the Founder of Changemakers International and the Founding Director of UPEACE Centre for Executive Education.

      Art Sherwood, lives and works in the USA and in multiple international locations while serving as the Cole Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Director and co-founder of the IDEA Institute at Western Washington University and works with other



      In this session: Art and Mohit will take a deep dive into the Theory of Well Being which springs from the field of Positive Psychology. Engage with cutting-edge research around new ideas on becoming a flourishing changemaker. Ask your how might those of us who are actively engaged in doing the meaningful and very hard work of changing the world for the better keep at it throughout our entire lives? How do we stay the course without becoming burned out, beat up and frustrated to the point we need to quit? How do we find the perseverance and grit needed?

      SESSION 8 | Do More Good: The Future of Business

      November 6, 8 am Pacific Time (Seattle)


      Watch the recording here (Password required)


      Featured Speaker: Tamkeen Nadeem, Pakistan


      Tamkeen is a digital growth consultant, social entrepreneur and a food activist. She worked in advertising for over 10 years, after which she quit to launch her own business, CHARU.


      In this workshop: Tamkeen will talk about the journey of CHARU -a social enterprise which empowers native farming communities by bringing the rare and wholesome produce of Pakistan to people around the world. Each product is unique and tells the story of it's region, people and the community. We will focus on what it means to say no, and let go of ideas we founded.





      SESSION 9 | Online learning sucks until it doesn’t.​

      November 13, 5 pm Pacific Time (Seattle)

      Featured Speaker: Will Dayble, Australia

      Watch the recording here (password required)


      Will Dayble is the co-founder of Fitzroy Academy who has catalyzed the world into learning and building themselves, right where they are. His online courses teach you about entrepreneurship, building a company and creating an impact at scale.


      In this workshop: Get provocative with the always honest Will who will nudge you to explore why teaching is leadership at a certain rhythm is more important than any end goal. You will also explore how to create behavior change in learning space and facilitation tricks to opening up space in new ways! Finally, talk about the idea of patient impatience- doing slow stuff slow, and fast stuff much faster.


      Find out more about Will's work! https://fitzroyacademy.com/

      SESSION 10 I Technology, the future and our journey

      November 19, 9 am Pacific Time (Seattle)

      Featured Speakers: Michell Zappa, Netherlands

      Watch the Recording Here (Password Required)


      Michell is a technology futurist, information designer and founder of Envisioning, a technology foresight institute.


      In this workshop: The session will cover patterns for thinking about the future and demonstration of Envisioning’s upcoming emerging technology research platform. Live participants will receive early access to database.

      SESSION 11 | Moving Towards Ecosystems and Systems Led Leadership - Designing Your Impact by Mapping the Gaps

      December 3, 6 am Pacific Time (Seattle)

      Featured Speakers: Courtney Savie Laurence, Thailand

      Bangkok, Thailand

      Watch the Recording Here (Password Required)


      Courtney is a connector by nature who thrives by working with others to bring system changing and meaningful projects to life. She has co-founded two social enterprises and has worked in and among large-scale organizations like Ashoka, the United Nations and more.


      In this session: Learn how you map the gaps in systems thinking and find innovation there. The tools Courtney will teach you can be used in any systems work- anytime and finally, we may start to move the needle on not just creating new solutions, but also understanding the challenges in more authentic ways from the beginning.


      Find out more at: courtneysavie.com

      SESSION 12 | Community Wrap Up and Final Pitch

      December 11, 7 am Pacific Time (Seattle)


      During this session, the 2018 cohort will practice all their skills in a pitch that showcases what they are taking away from this DSIL Course and how they will move that forward in the world with the others that live and work around them. Using story-telling, art and creative imagery, keynotes, slides that have a message and more- we will see everyone bring their full selves to telling us who they are now and what is possible for the future after our time together. Everyone in the world is welcome to this session- if you want to get the link- email team@dsilglobal.com

      VC Moderator

      Art Sherwood, DSIL Global Chief Development Officer (Seattle, USA)


      Art imagines a world where everyone is empowered to make change happen through discovering, designing and doing. His most powerful place of flow is partnering as a facilitator, coach or advisor in facilitating and supporting emerging and existing change-makers, leaders, teams and organizations.


      Discover more here

    • 2017 Speaker Series

      SESSION 1 | Appreciative Inquiry: A Dynamic Paradigm for Managing Change


      Featured Speakers: 

      Mohit Mukherjee and DSIL Global Team

      Centre for Executive Education at UPEACE, Watson U
      Ciudad Colon, COSTA RICA; Bangkok, THAILAND

      SESSION 2 | Workshop: Building Business + Ideas for Risk and Resiliency

      Featured Speaker: Jona Repishti

      International Development Innovation Network (IDIN) at D-Lab MIT

      Washington, DC, UNITED STATES

      SESSION 3 | Workshop: Innovation and the Five Lenses

      Featured Speaker: Joher Khan

      SY Partners

      San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATES

      SESSION 4 | Fireside Chat: The Power of Art for Inclusive Development

      Featured Speakers: Shehzil Malik

      Beaconhouse National University, Lahore

      Lahore, PAKISTAN

      SESSION 5 | Design Thinking in Real Life

      Featured Speaker: Emi Kolawole

      Dexign, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (d.school)

      Washington, DC, UNITED STATES

      SESSION 6 | The Benefit Mindset: Wellbeing of the Self and the Whole

      Featured Speakers: Ash Buchanan and Jack Greig

      The Benefit Mindset and Teach for Australia

      Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

      SESSION 7 | Working with Paradox and Complexity

      October 19, 8am Bangkok (ITC)


      Watch the Recording (Password Required)



      Featured Speaker: Kristine Sloan

      Starting Bloc

      Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES

      SESSION 8 | Harnessing the Restorative Power of Anger for Innovation and Social Change

      Featured Speaker: Margaret Rose

      Procurement Innovation and Leadership Lab, University of Bath


      SESSION 9 | Transforming Business, Society, and Self

      Featured Speaker: Adam Yukelson

      Presencing Institute, U.Lab

      Cambridge, MA, UNITED STATES

      SESSION 10 | Fireside Chat: Leveraging Maker, Hacker and Digital Blacksmithing Spaces for Development

      Featured Speakers:  Karl Heinz AND Thabiso Mashaba

      Founder at AB3D and ArtisanHive // Co-founder and CEO These Hands GSSE

      Nairobi, KENYA // Gaborone, BOTSWANA

      SESSION 11 | Workshop: Liberating Every Voice with Micro-Structures

      Featured Speaker: Keith McCandless

      Social Invention Group & Liberating Structures

      Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES

      SESSION 12 | Radical Inclusion for an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Revolution

      Featured Speaker: Art Sherwood

      Western Washington University, College of Business and Economics
      Bellingham, Washington, UNITED STATES

      SESSION 13 | Being Bold with Authentic Leadership

      Featured Speakers: Doy Charnsupharindr 

      Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute
      Berkeley, California, UNITED STATES

      SESSION 14 | The Surprising Effects of Design Thinking

      Featured Speaker: Katy Grennier

      DSIL Global

      Bangkok, THAILAND

      SESSION 15 | Community Wrap Up and Final Pitch

      Featured Speakers: DSIL Course Participants

      VC Moderator

      Courtney Lawrence, DSIL Global Partner

      Bangkok, THAILAND

    • For Registered Participants

      Session Recordings and Reflection Form

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    • Design Thinking in Action.

      September 1 | 8PM ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speakers:

      Adam and Lena Selzer of Stanford d.school/Civilla; Detroit, UNITED STATES

      Peace and Conflict Studies Frameworks for Social Change

      September 8 | 8PM ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speaker:

      Craig Zelizer, Founder, Peace and Collaborative Development Network; Washington, DC, UNITED STATES


      Design thinking 3.0 - Applications & Lessons Learned in the Field

      September 13 | 10PM ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speaker:

      Chioma Ume, OpenIdeo; San Francisco, UNITED STATES


      Workshop: ‘Brandthinking’ for Changemakers

      September 29 | 10PM ICT (Bangkok)

      See example of Get Ready for the Session Here!

      Featured Speaker: Anne Miltenburg, Founder, The Brandling; Nairobi, KENYA


      Futures of Social Innovation & Lean Data

      October 11 | 8PM ICT (Bangkok)

      See an example of Get Ready for the Session Here

      Featured Speaker: Sasha Dichter, Chief Social Innovation Officer, Acumen Fund; New York, UNITED STATES

      Critical Considerations for the Future of Development

      October 13 | 9PM ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speaker: Mirian Vilela, Earth Charter; San Jose, COSTA RICA

      Conscious Leadership

      October 27 | 2pm ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speaker: Pilar Rueda García Yakar, PCC Certified Professional Coactive Coach, Integral Associate Coach; SPAIN

      Co-Creation in Action

      November 3 | 8PM ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speaker: Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar, MIT D-Lab, International Development and Design Summit, C-Innova; Bogotá, COLOMBIA and Cambridge, UNITED STATES

      The Art of Storytelling & Media Literacy for Driving Impact

      November 10 | 12PM ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speakers: Julien Leyre and Rosebell Kagumire, WEF Global Shaper; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA and Kampala, UGANDA

      Workshop: Understanding Self in Leadership

      November 22 | 10AM ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speaker: Grace Clapham, Co-founder, The Change School Singapore; SINGAPORE

      Business Model Innovation and the Triple Bottom Line

      December 1 | 1PM ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speaker: Business Model Innovation and the Triple Bottom Line; Saskia Rotshuizen, BOP Inc; the NETHERLANDS

      Navigating Impact and the Journey to Investment

      December 8 | 8PM ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speaker: Nicholas Glicher, Director, TrustLaw service and Head of African Programmes at the Thomas Reuters Foundation; Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

      Workshop: A Behavioural Approach to Inclusive Development

      December 12 | 8PM ICT (Bangkok)

      Featured Speaker: Vanezza Zabert, Director for Academic Partnerships, Gawad Kalinga Europe; London School of Economics Behavioural Science Fellow, Social Impact and Behavioural Insights Programme Designer. London, ENGLAND and Manila, PHILIPPINES

    • d.thinking 2.0

      Featured Speakers:

      Sem Carree, Lecturer, Delft University of Technology, Delft, NETHERLANDS;

      Laura Talsma, Founder, The Users Advocate, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

      Global Trends in Social Innovation

      Featured Speaker:

      Ama van Dantzig, cofounder of Dr. Monk and council member of Earth Charter International; Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

      UX + Design Research

      Featured Speakers:

      Adam Selzer, Lecturer, Civilla / Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (d.school), Palo Alto,California; UNITED STATES;

      Lena Wolfe, Lecturer, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (d.school)

      Systems Action Research

      Featured Speaker:

      Josefine Roos, Deputy Country Director at CDA Collaborative Learning Projects; Yangon, MYANMAR

      Sustainable Development & d. Thinking

      Featured Speaker:

      John Thackara, Author, 'Business Provocateur', Doors of Perception; FRANCE


      Peace & Conflict Analysis Frameworks

      Featured Speaker:

      Jenn Weidman, Deputy Director Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University; Bangkok, THAILAND

      Storytelling - Moving People to Act

      Featured Speaker:

      Robert Wolfe, Faculty, THNK School of Creative Leadership; Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

      21st Century Leadership

      Featured Speaker:

      Rajiv Ball, Partner, THNK School of Creative Leadership Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS; Faculty, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, UNITED STATES

      Business Innovation Mega-Trends | Workshop

      Featured Speaker:

      Menno Van Dijk, Co-Founder and Managing Director, THNK School of Creative Leadership; Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

      Innovation & Peer Coaching | WORKSHOP

      Featured Speaker:

      John Monks, Board Member, Action Aid UK, Cambridge, ENGLAND

      Designing a Creative Team

      Featured Speaker:

      Dr. Daniel Steinbock Lecturer, Stanford Program of Design; Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

      Positive Psychology

      Featured Speaker:

      Rens ter Weijde, Founder, Purpose +, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

      The Art of Visual Communication | Workshop

      Featured Speaker:

      Nathan Volkers, Founder, Jongens van de Tekeningen, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS


      Measuring Social Impact in the Field

      Featured Speakers:

      Yennie Lee, Impact Manager, IDEO.org, San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

      Jacqui Watts, Learning Specialist, IDEO.org


      Seed Spot CEO: Top 10 Musts-Do’s

      Featured Entrepreneur:

      Courtney Klein, Founder, SEED SPOT, Phoenix, Arizona, UNITED STATES

      Artiphon CMO: 10 Lessons Learned

      Featured Entrepreneur:

      Jacob Hall Gordon, CMO, Artiphon, New York City, New York, UNITED STATES

      #SOCENT Fireside Chat Series

      Featured Entrepreneur:

      Mario Ferro Co-Founder and CEO, Wedu; Acumen Global Fellow, Bangkok, THAILAND; New York City, UNITED STATES

      #SOCENT Fireside Chat Series

      Featured Entrepreneur:

      Shana Dressler, Founder, Social Innovators Collective; Director, Google's 30 Weeks: An Incubator for Designers; New York City, UNITED STATES

      #SOCENT Fireside Chat Series

      Featured Entrepreneur:

      George McGraw, Founder, DIG DEEP; Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

      Human-Centered Story Telling

      Featured Speaker:

      Samuel Diaz Fernandez Littauer, Founder, Studio DíLITT, Track X Creative Media Lab Co-Lead; Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

    • THE 2014 Speaker Series

      Impact through #SocEnt

      Featured Speaker: Mario Ferro Co-Founder and CEO, Wedu; Acumen Global Fellow, Bangkok, THAILAND; New York City, UNITED STATES

      d.thinking 101

      Featured Speaker: Ashish Goel, Lecturer, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (d.school), Palo Alto, California, USA

      Building High Impact Careers

      Featured Speaker: Roshan Paul, President, Amani Institute, Nairobi, KENYA

      Designing for Social Innovation

      Featured Speaker:Jacqui Watts, Community Manager, IDEO.ORG; San Francisco, California, USA

      Innovation in Impact Investing 101

       Featured Speaker: Ken Ito, Professor, Keio University; Japan Advisor, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, Tokyo, JAPAN

      21st Century Leadership Skills

      Featured Speaker: Ken Colloton, SVP Innovation Center, Past-President World Alliance of YMCAs, Geneva, SWITZERLAND/New York, USA

      Leveraging Media for Changemaking

      Featured Speaker: Samuel Díaz Fernández Littauer, Communications & Advocacy Coordinator,  World YMCA, Bogota, COLOMBIA; Geneva, SWITZERLAND

      User Research Methods for Social Impact

      Featured Speakers: Adam Selzer, Lecturer, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (d.school), Palo Alto, California, USA; Lena Wolfe, Lecturer, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (d.school).

      Design Thinking as a path to Systems Change

      Featured Speaker: Darren Menachemson, Executive Director, THINK PLACE Foundation; Cranberra, AUSTRALIA

      Story Telling Mechanics

      Featured Speaker: Sarah-Marie Hopf, Design Fellow, 17 Triggers; Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

      Pathways of Personal Innovation

      Featured Speakers: Yi Zhang, Director, Stanford Social Innovation Program at VIA; San Francisco, California, USA; Bidisha Banerjee Program Director, Dalai Lama Fellows; San Francisco, California, USA

      Building a Culture of Creativity

      Featured Speaker: Dr. Daniel Steinbock Lecturer, Stanford Program of Design; Palo Alto, California, USA

      Inclusive Development in SE Asia

      Featured Speaker: Vanezza 'Zaza' Zabert, Europe Director, Gawad Kalinga;